Day 31 – Say “Soy Cheese!”

31 01 2010

After a day of relaxing, you’d think I would be jumping out of bed for the 9am yoga class. Not the case. The only reason I made was my cat decided to methodically knock everything off of the kitchen counter to get my attention so I would feed him. Not the best way to wake up. So, when I realized that if I quickly threw on my workout clothes, I would just make it to yoga and then my day would be free to do anything else by 11am, I groggily dressed and wiped the sleep out of my eyes.

“Today is Picture Day!

Say ‘Soy Cheese!'”

That was the sign I saw as I entered the studio. Apparently this was the class to capture photos for the website and other marketing paraphernalia. Perfect.

It was, however, a great class, and a great way to start my day. But these are some pictures I’m not super thrilled at seeing – not to mention that when I finally left the class and looked in a mirror I saw that I had tufts of hair sprouting everywhere… I have never been one of those women who can pull their hair into a cute pony tail, go through a good workout, and come out with their hair still in perfect order. I am the one who come out looking like an ill-groomed chia pet!


Day 30 – Day Off

30 01 2010

Do you ever have those days where you have no energy for, well, anything? That was today. I did nothing. I slept in until 11 and without getting out of bed finished The Last Lecture. When I finally did get out of bed, I quickly straightened up my living room and ran the vacuum cleaner across everything and then curled up on the couch and committed to cleaning out much of my DVR. It was a wonderful day. I did try to convince myself to make it to the 5pm yoga class, but that time came and went.

Sometimes you just need a day to recharge your batteries by yourself. Ahhhhhh…

Day 29 – Cookie Monster

29 01 2010

I’m all for socializing with neighbors in my building, so when I got an invitation from a few neighbors for a potluck tonight, I said yes. The focus of the event was what made me hesitate from immediately getting excited about it though – it was for cat owners.

My hope was that it was for us to meet each other more officially to better help us all know who we can reach out to should we need cat sitting assistance in the future as well as just get to know each other. That was part of the evening… but it also featured a slide show of everyones cat, in-depth cat stories and discussions on the trouble with nail clipping. OMG. I felt a bit like I had stepped into a twilight zone of sorts.

One of the best parts of the evening, however, came in the shape of a cookie…  along with a beautiful spread of cheeses, fruit, wine, and cafe du leche cake, were the most amazing milk chocoloate and white chocolate chip cookies. Yes, two types of chips in a perfectly golden brownie cookie made from real butter, no crisco in these, no siree, and real sugar. The white chocolate mellowed the strong milk chocolate taste and the crispy, brown-sugary-sweet, buttery crunch was the perfect pairing. I’m forever ruined on regular chocolate chip cookies after trying these.

I actually made a major social faux pax after leaving the event and thinking of how good those cookies were – I returned to the event 30 minutes after leaving just to get another cookie! As luck would have it, no was was there, just the food and an empty room (my bet is someone had taken the group to their unit to show off her kitty.) I was giddy to know that not only did I not have to explain why I was back and again make my exit, but the cookies were there for my enjoyment! I picked up 3 and ran back to my unit. That is how good they are.

Note to self – must find the recipe for these things of wonder!

Day 28 – Taxi home

28 01 2010

In my company we can only expense taxi rides home if we work 12 hour days. Today was officially a 14 hour day – and that was just the time spent in the office, not to mention the early morning conference call from home. I took a taxi home today. Exhausted, hungry and yet feel like I’ve made some real strides today.

Day 27 – Anchor and Hope

27 01 2010

What a great name for a restaurant – Anchor and Hope.  Solid and steady amidst the waves and hoping for the best…

We took a group of 10 to this little restaurant located down an alley off of 2nd in SF. It was packed. Not only was the atmosphere great (fun fish paining above the wall), the food was great. I ordered the vegetarian plate, which was described as a vegetable plate. I’ve been to plenty of restaurants where they just take their steamed vegetables of the evening and create a plate. Yuck. Tonight’s plate was different… a compilation of brussel sprouts, baby carrots, pearl onions, pesto and a few other sauces in a beautiful display of a meal. Filling and yummmmmmyyyyy!

Tonight’s dinner was not just for fun… I was with 2 clients and 7 coworkers, including my bosses bosses boss. Do you ever feel like you are constantly putting your foot in your mouth? I never feel that with my clients, but with my superiors I feel that way way all too often. Tonight was not an exception. Good conversation, yet I felt like I was on ice at times. Probably for no more than my own impression and worry, but still, I couldn’t fully relax and enjoy the evening.

And I missed another evening of yoga. It’s looking like our clients will be in town every other week for the next few months, which will be fantastic for our project, but trying on my yoga practice. I have heard rumors of early morning yoga classes though… I might have to rally for those soon. Who get’s up at 5:30am to workout when you don’t have to be at work until 9am?

Day 26 – Double booked (Date 3)

26 01 2010

Not only did I have a client dinner at Slanted Door (a fabulous Asian restaurant in the SF Ferry Building) tonight, but I had a date (Date 3 for the year) at Sheba Lounge on Fillmore afterwards. The dinner was fabulous… Two types of tofu served with steamed broccoli and a grapefruit cabbage salad. Followed by dessert. Not a good combination for a girl looking to shed some pounds. But, how does one not order dessert when everyone else orders Creme Brule and Milk Chocolate Pot de Creme? So, I decided on the Chocolate Angel Food Cake and Peanut Butter Swirl Ice Cream. The Peanut Butter Swirl Ice Cream had me from the time it arrived… It was literally Peanut Butter swirled in Vanilla ice cream and sprinkled with Honey Roasted Peanuts. Salty and Sweet. So yummy. And yet probably horrible for me – a little piece of heaven!

To finish the night off, I headed to Sheba Lounge to meet my date… Sheba Lounge is not what I expected. I walked in, exhausted from my full day of client meetings followed by a client dinner, and was met with low lights, a piano player seated at a grand piano and an atmosphere that of someone’s extremely comfortable living room – fireplace and all. It was exactly what I didn’t know I wanted. It was wonderful. My date was interesting as well. He is an author in the middle of his second book to be titled: Little Bets. I think I even helped title one of his chapters! It’s often nice to not only speak to intelligent people, but find you can meet them at their game with some of your personal stories. Tonight was good…

Did I feel chemistry? Not sexual chemistry, but mental, intellectual chemistry, I think I did. I would enjoy keeping in touch with him from a conversation standpoint… I want to learn more about what he does and some of the companies he has met with. It was almost like having a good conversation with a professor (yes, he was once a professor) that was stimulating… I can see how some might take that mental stimulation for sexual interest, but I’m not there – at least not right now.

Today was successful – full of great client meetings, a wonderful meal and stimulating conversation. And maybe, just maybe, I helped in naming a chapter of a book…

Day 25 – When it rains, it pours

25 01 2010

While I had my alarm set to 6am for a very early Monday morning conference call, my cat decided that 5am was an even better time for me to wake up. It was not the best way to start off a Monday that already promised to be insane. I braved the early morning call and then instead of crawling back between the sheets of my very welcoming warm bed, I changed into my workout clothes and, yawning, headed to the gym. I figured, since I’m up, I might as well make the most of it. I was only a little more enticed due to the fact that my  gym, which is located two floors below my condo, has personal TV’s on each cardio machine, so I could watch the morning news while I got my sweat on.

Not 40 minutes following my workout as I headed  to the office the clouds opened up and it was pouring rain. Again, I was without an umbrella! And… AND! to add to that, the Muni train I jumped on to head to the office stopped 12 blocks away due to delays and let everyone off to walk to their destination. So, 12 blocks and 20 minutes later I stomped into the office dripping wet. I quickly tossed off my now ruined cute shoes that were completely cold and soaking wet to the side and went about my morning with a new office trend – barefoot. Why not! My shoes will never be the same. Might as well make the most of it, right? And, since I didn’t find out until much later than I had mascara dripping down my face thanks to my morning hike, I felt a little more due the barefoot morning…

Ahhhh… but tomorrow will be more than a bit crazy. Clients arriving, intense conversations and decisions to be had and topping it all off with a date – Date 3 for the year. The meetings we have tomorrow are the kind of meeting you don’t really want to have but are fully prepared for… Do you ever feel like you are speaking another language than your client? My team and I are in that situation. We don’t know how many other ways to have this conversation – so we are now trying the in-person-whiteboarding conversation. Maybe this will help us explain why we can’t deliver a site the complexity of the Taj Mahol in the timeframe of delivering a mobile home. Wish me luck. It’s funny, this is a conversation I never could have had confidently with a client a few years ago. Now I’m looking forward to it. And crossing my fingers and toes for success.

My date should be a bit of a celebration for me tomorrow night!