Day 2 – Unblocking junk

2 01 2010

So I went back to yoga tonight again. The class was nice and small. Halfway through we are all straining to relax in double pigeon (think of sitting in indian style but with your legs more deeply crossed and trying to lean over to place your hands, forehead, anything on the floor. Ouch.) and Debbie says, “Just relax and breathe all that junk out. All that junk that is blocking you.” Behind me someone shouts out “I got junk and I want it gone! I breathe it out of me! Be gone junk, be gone!” I agree!

I think we all have junk keeping us from progressing. I did what I could to get rid of some of my junk today – I even vaccuumed out all of those awful dust bunnies that continue to collect under my bed. There MUST be a better way to keep those bunnies at bay. Sigh.

One piece of junk that definitely takes up too much of my time is TV. I love noise. Actually I think it’s more that I don’t love the quiet. I usually turn the TV on as soon as I get home and have it on in the background while I’m doing stuff around the house or on the computer. Today I got sucked into TLC – a marathon of What Not to Wear. So addicting! But I could have been reading or doing something… anything… else.

How do you figure out what all your junk is? And, when you know what it is, how hard it is to let go of. Some junk is as familiar as your own skin or as comforting as a baby’s blankie. But think of what you could do without all that junk in your life.




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