Day 5 – You’re Gorgeous!

5 01 2010

On the way home tonight from a seminar I found I had to walk 6 blocks through, well, not the nicest of area of SF. Bars on windows, neon signs shining XXX, yelling heard in the distance. Yep. I felt super safe and completely inconspicuous as a tall single woman walking in a bright white coat through this area. The upside? the compliments! Seriously! Halfway down the first block a couple of old men, leaning on canes, stopped as I walked by and exclaimed “Your Gorgeous!” I was hurrying by, but turned enough to acknowledge them with a smile. I was raised by a wonderful, if not over-protective, mother who would have wisked me away from that street in a second if she could. She is always fearing for my safety (which I lover her for), but I didn’t feel unsafe – these men were half my height, dependant on their canes and missing most of their teeth. What could they really have done to me?

Well, I found myself smiling for the rest of the block and, on the corner another guy was waiting to cross the street and again I got “You are Beautiful! Happy New Year!” I thanked him and continued in another direction and my smile turned into a bit of a giggle and darn it if another guy didn’t do the same thing a block later. Well, not quite the same – I think he was ready to hug me or something. I quickly scurried on down the block and jumped on the approaching bus – smile still in tact.

Receiving compliments does something wonderful for your spirit – and ego. It’s really quite nice! I’m usually the first to deflect a compliment or give it right back to detract attention from myself, but in this situation it just didn’t seem to be a wise idea. And actually taking the compliment, wherever it may come from, can feel pretty fabulous.

Oh, and no yoga tonight – just 2 miles on the elliptical this morning and the brisk 6 block hike this evening.




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