Day 6 – Goals

6 01 2010

“Did you set goals for 2009? Did you accomplish all of them? How did it feel to achieve your goals? Are you ready to set your goals for 2010?”

This is how the workshop I attended last night began. Gulp. 2009. 2009 was a good year, but not my favorite. The two goals I set for myself last year were to buy a condo in SF and to get a promotion at work. The first was accepted in early January and accomplished by mid-March. The second followed quickly behind in June. I felt instant gratification when they both came to fruition. Doesn’t it feel wonderful to get what you were your heart desires? After June though, I had nothing to really look forward to. I didn’t set any more specific goals for myself and it kind of left me feeling like I didn’t have a purpose or anything to look forward to. I felt very BLAH. Once you have a case of the “Blahs” it can take a lot more momentum to get you moving in a positive direction again.

So, yes, I’m ready to set my goals for 2010 – and set many of them!

The rest of the seminar helped us define a few goals that we really want to achieve in 2010. The Challenge I have given myself within this Blog is only a series of actions I believe will lead me to accomplishing what I want. My goals, and the corresponding actions I’m going to focus on to get there, are:

  1. Healthy body – this goal is not just about losing weight or working out more. I want to consciously treat my body well through exercise, healthy eating (I really hate the word ‘diet’!), and a little pampering – massages, facials and visits to the chiropractor when needed. By following this I do hope to lose 12 pounds and keep it off and have more energy to continue focusing on everything else in my life. As part of my Challenge, I’m planning on working out at least 3 times a week and enjoying a spa treatment every 6 weeks. I LOVE spa treatments. Mmmmmm…
  2. Healthy mind – Reading! I did not read nearly enough last year. There are so many books on my wish list and I’ve set an achievable goal of 1 book each month. I want to feed my mind well and am focusing my book choice on positive, enriching material. I’m also engaging in 1 new class each month to learn something new – whether it is art, finance, business, I’m ready to learn.
  3. Start a side business – I’ve become quite interested in entrepreneurship and I’d like to discover something that I can start and bring to life this year that will also provide me with an additional stream of income. The actions I’m going to take to help me achieve this include finding mentors to work with and learn from and attend classes that will support this endeavor.
  4. Love – I am ready for a good man in my life! SF is not the easiest city to meet good guys, but I’m looking… LOL. I’m going to broaden my circle to help me find him. I’m hoping that between the new classes, the additional focus on working out and trying new gyms, and, of course, the digital dating revolution of online dating, that I’ll meet that special guy.

I have to say it’s quite energizing and exciting to set goals and create an action plan to make it all happen. It feels so much better to be working towards something then just waiting for life to happen!

Finally – it was back to yoga tonight… another great class done by candlelight. I need to remember not to place my mat near the incense anymore though. Incense smoke can be as irritating to your eyes as chopping onions – something I discovered first-hand tonight.




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