Day 7 – Eggs of Coal

7 01 2010
1 Charcoal Egg

My first charcoal drawing

Or at least charcoal.

Before me was an egg, and blank piece of paper and at least 9 different types of charcoal sticks or pencils. It is not easy to draw a seemingly white object with various shade of black.

Not only was this a study in drawing, but it was a study in  analysis, measuring and patience. For two hours I analyzed the shape, size, shadows, and slight color variations of eggs while sitting on a small wooden chair made for a 7 year old.

2 hours turned into 5 eggs on paper.

3 Charcoal Eggs

My final drawing

It’s quite amazing how quickly time goes by while your trying to accurately shade in an egg. I became very familiar with the erasers, BTW.

I’m quite proud of my egg master pieces – as flawed as they are. I gave them time, patience and love. Something I think we all need to give ourselves each day.

2nd Charcoal Egg

My second drawing

Ah, and no yoga tonight – instead I spent the evening trying to get home after class – 3 bus rides, a block hike through an eerily quite China town and finally a freezing wind 4 block walk to my building. Brrr!




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