Day 9 – Putting it out there

9 01 2010
Early morning Clovers

I found this patch of clovers early this morning. When your birthday is St. Patrick's day, clovers are always a good luck sign.

After maybe a bit too much wine last night, I was up early and heading to a yoga class across town. I’ve heard people say that when you know you want something, start telling people so that it’s ‘out there.’ That way it will be more likely to come true. Well on the way to yoga I gave my parents a call. My mom has always had, well, I guess it’s a strong sense of intuition. Upon answering the phone she quickly started telling me of this dream she had. She dreamt that I had gotten married to a tall, attractive man and she and Dad had flown out to San Diego to meet him. (OK, I do have to wonder why I got married without my parents there, but, whatever…) He is an architect/designer and we had had a private, small, simple wedding where I had just “carried a single Calla Lily.” She said that we were happily living in a nice house with some unique space creating features, such as collapsible walls. He easily got along with my parents, which is extremely important given some things happening with my brother and his fiance as of late, but that’s a story for another time. This husband of mine also (somehow) helped redesign a particularly tricky situation with my parents house back in Michigan. In the dream I supposedly mentioned that I was craving “a good pizza” two or three times, which might sound odd, but I am truly a pizza addict, so that part sounds pretty accurate to me. She remembers feeling very happy during and after the dream.

I don’t know about most people, but I have a very difficult time remembering most of my dreams. If anything I have glimpses of them when I first wake up and then unless I study them, they vanish back into my sleepy haze. Only once in a great while will a dream and all of the details stay with me.

So, I’m hoping that at least a piece of this dream comes true… Maybe she is picking up the vibes that I’m sending out to the universe that I’m ready to finally meet the man of my dreams! Bring it on!

Dating is not easy in SF. Case in point – I should actually be on a date RIGHT NOW. Instead, 3 hours before we were supposed to meet he texted and requested a raincheck. How is a girl supposed to meet a guy if they cancel before you’ve even had a chance to meet? Sheesh.

Today left me feeling very hopeful and I’m very much looking forward to meeting this man… and maybe ending up in San Diego one of these days!




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