Day 10 – Success!

10 01 2010


How excited was I when I stepped on the scale this morning and realized I have lost 5 pounds since the new year! Yippee! That puts me at my before-holiday-weight (which is still about 8 pounds from where I want to be). It feels so good to see positive changes happening.

To help reinforce that effort, I doubled up my workout for today – Bar Method at 9:30am and Yoga with Rusty Wells at 11am. I thought the yoga class was only going to be 90 minutes, but I didn’t make it back to my car until 1:20pm. How long was that class??? I do know I was a sweaty mess leaving the studio… I felt great – sometimes you just need a good sweat.

I’m not usually a double-workout-in-one-day girl, but looking ahead at my week, I’m quickly running out of days where exercise will fit in. Tuesday is dinner with Sabrina, my best friend who I haven’t seen since Thanksgiving; Wednesday is our Gluttony Club dinner (a dinner group I started last summer – we’re going to an underwater restaurant this week!); Thursday is my next drawing/painting class; Friday is my night out… So that leaves Monday and Saturday for working out this week – unless I somehow get the energy to wake up early one morning. I’m really not a morning person.  And this schedule is setting me up for multiple dinners out where I know I’m going to want to splurge on the calories!

In order to best watch what I eat during the week when I’m not out at a restaurant, I headed to Trader Joe’s (which was beyond busy in the middle of a Sunday afternoon – can we say lines?) to load up on healthy, protein rich foods. Sounds, easy, but I’m a vegetarian, and a picky vegetarian at that! So I read every package to make sure they didn’t sneak in Chicken Broth or Beef Fat (really? Why in the world would anyone include Beef Fat in spaghetti marinara??? Read the labels – it’s there.) I stocked my cart stocked with yummy, healthy food and headed home to spend the remaining hours of my weekend relaxing, reading and catching up with the families on Wisteria Lane. 🙂




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