Day 11 – iPhone blues

11 01 2010

I don’t know if I have an iPhone jinx following me around, but I am now on my third one in less than a year and it is still acting up. My iPhone is primarily my work email device. I don’t use it for phone calls, rarely use any apps, carry a separate iPod to listen to music and only have two people on the messaging service. And yet, I can only occasionally receive and even less frequently send emails. And that is when my battery is not dead, which is at least a good half of the day. I have spent hours at the Apple Store Genius Bar, have stalked the AT&T store and my company’s IT team is intimately familiar with my phone. I really don’t get it!

Is this the universe telling me it’s time to give up on trying to work ridiculously long hours? Whatever the reason, I do have to say it has been nice not waking up at 6am with emails flooding in from the East Coast, or feeling urged to respond to all client questions before I’ve even had my first cup of tea in the morning. I like having time to breathe in the mornings. Hmmm… to fix the iPhone or not…

Beside my iPhone issues my evening has been great – After work I had a drink with a friend and then headed to yoga. The drink 2 hours earlier was probably not the smartest idea as my standing poses were a bit wobbly, but the time spent with my friend was worth it. And the yoga class was exactly what I needed to relax, focus, re-energize, and move. I’m sad that I won’t be able to get to another class until Saturday… I will definitely need it!




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