Day 12 – Mezes

12 01 2010

Mezes is a Greek restaurant just doors away from one of my favorite Italian eateries (A16) on Chestnut street in the Marina. While I have been to A16 multiple times, I’ve never even noticed Mezes. The only way I found this little gem was due to a craving for Greek and Yelp. Every once in a while I get a craving for Saganaki (fried cheese) and Tzatziki. Yummmmm…

Sabrina and I try to meet up for dinner whenever we both have time and we like to try new places within SF. I haven’t seen her since Thanksgiving, which feels like forever ago(!) and we were both looking forward to a good meal, great conversation and a few glasses of wine (more for me as she was driving).  The restaurant is small, with a sweet balcony overlooking the first floor. We sat right in the front window which was so small it barely fit two two-tops and room for our waitress. Wine was first order of business and they were kind enough to offer tastings of a few before we found one we enjoyed. Retsina (a popular Greek wine) is not for everyone! We settled on a dry, Greek white wine – shades off of a Sauvignon Blanc.

As I mentioned, I have been craving Saganaki so that was ordered immediately. I was so hoping for the sound of a hot sizzle and a plate afire with melting, gooey, popping cheese arriving at our table only to be put out with the squeeze of a lemon… but, alas, that was all done behind the scenes. We received an attractive white plate with two slices of melted cheese that looked like two very flat and whiteish-yellow slices of pizza and a lemon wedge. Somewhat disappointing in presentation, but still very tasty.  I almost ordered another… almost…

Through the Yelp reviews I had heard good things about the Zucchini cakes – something new for me. They were wonderful. The kind of wonderful where conversation between two girlfriends who have over a month of gossip to catch up on go quiet. Warm, melty, savory mouthfuls of yummm. And with a side order of pita bread hot out of the oven and lightly dusted with spices and Tzatziki sauce, I was so happy. The warm, seasoned pita bread was so good we ordered a second serving – plus for $2, why not!

For our main courses Sabrina ordered the chicken skewers, which came exactly as they sound – 3 skewers stacked with chunks of chicken. She finished every piece so I’m betting they were flavored beautifully. I ordered the beets as my main dish, which was served abed beet tops and a side of garlic potato spread. The garlic spread was addictive and creamy – and potent. No one ever realizes how bad Garlic spread can be until after you are multiple spoonfuls in – and eventually it will spill from your pores… but in the beginning when you are indulging in the first spoonfuls, life is good.

We finished the meal off with a slice of Baklava – can you believe Sabrina had never tried Baklava in 32+ years?! As she said, you could tell it was homemade because the bottom was burnt. It’s true… the bottom was burnt, so we peeled if off, and the rest was a bit dry. But for a dry, overcooked Baklava, it was still meaty with nuts, flaky from the philo and lightly sticky with the honey/syrupy goodness.

We could have stayed longer chatting about anything and everything, but the table sharing the front window with us had just ordered an entree that included something on fire and the smoke from that entree rushed us out. So they do present some things afire – why not the Saganaki I ask you!

I can’t believe it has been since the beginning of the year that I have been out to a restaurant to eat. It was wonderful and I can’t wait to go again tomorrow. 🙂

When I arrived home tonight, I found my cat had used his one trick – to close doors. He had locked himself in the bathroom, knocked everything to the ground, and ripped off the door stop (including a few whiskers in the process). Poor Monster! Of course I let him out right away… but it’s so hard not to laugh at his antics. Unfortunately, he does this so often that I now have to shut the bathroom door before going to sleep at night otherwise I wake to him knocking on the door asking to be let out in the middle of the night… He usually doesn’t do this during the day so I’m hoping he wasn’t in there for the majority of the day.

As for my goals… I have begun another book – the Last Lecture by Randy Pausch. I didn’t get too far last night, although I did awake this morning with crusty eyes. I wonder did I have a powerful dream last night? Did I cry during the night? When else does one wake like that? I do have to say I was refreshed when I awoke… even if it was 30 minutes late. My alarm clock on my Blackberry decided not to work. First my iPhone and now my Blackberry. I’m beginning to think I really am Jinxed!




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