Day 14 – Paint

14 01 2010

Cherries painted with only Red, Yellow, Blue and White Acrylic paints

I’ve decided I love to paint!

My friend, Jami, and I arrived at class to find our table littered with a bananas, lemons, green onions, cucumbers, cherries, celery – and the dreaded eggs from last week. Tonights medium: Acrylic paints.

Before we were allowed to start painting the still life before us, we learned how to create colors from the three primary colors – Red, Yellow and Blue. I found purples and greens to be especially exciting to create… a little blue and a little red… and then a little more red… and voila! Purple! Magic! After we mastered secondary and tertiary colors, we were given White so we could lighten colors to create a variety of new colors. Rainbows of rich colors were appearing before my eyes. We were also offered us Black, but as our instructer did so she read the label: “made from burnt animal bones.” WHAT! I was instantly appalled and wrote black off for the night. My immediate question – how to great gray shadows with no gray? But, once I got away from having a gray, I fell in love with creating color and depth and texture with nothing but a few tubes of paint, a plastic dish, a piece of paper and a brush.


A lemon painted with Acrylic paint

My non-gray shadows became hues of blue and purple… maybe a bit of a artistic license, and I like the results. Since we only had 2 hours I think I did pretty good! 🙂 This medium felt much more exciting and flexible to me than charcoal. There is something much more freeing and forgiving with paint… and you cannot erase it. You need to find a way to build upon whatever you put on paper. If you make a mistake, you have to work with it… do you add a bit more light color? Paint over the are with some more dark paint? Mix something brand new and try that?

Are these perfect? Absolutely not. If I could have stayed to make these paintings stronger, I would have. I would have liked to clean up some of the details, make the shadows a bit more accurate, soften up some of the rough edges… however, even though I’m aware of the flaws, there is a beauty that I still very much appreciate as they exist now.

I try so hard not to show flaws in anything I do – whether it be work, social gatherings, or even yoga – I always want to put my best foot forward and be as perfect as I think everyone else expects, or even better, if possible. But maybe some flaws make the total effect just a bit more beautiful. Maybe the flaws make us even more perfect. That is something I need to figure out how to work into my philosophy of life – let my flaws show instead of always trying to cover them up. Ugh… that is so hard to do and opens me up to feeling humiliated and embarrassed. But I think that could lead to overall more joy and less stress.

Maybe I’ll go pick up some paints, brushes and paper this weekend – maybe…




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