Day 15 – Catching up to me

15 01 2010

The first email I read this morning was from my manager at 2:15 am entitled ‘Catch up.’ Not a good sign.

She let me know that it feels like things are slipping through the cracks and that I’ve not managing them as tightly as usual. Now it is true – I’ve been consciously trying to leave the office at a decent hour, get in some personal time for exercise and ‘me’ time… and my coworkers and managers are noticing. I’m not harping on deadlines, critiquing presentations, or following up on their deadlines nearly as much anymore.  I used to be the last to leave the office just to triple confirm project details. Change, while good for one person, is not always good for everyone.

I dread those conversations. The ones where you know people are mad at you or you are in trouble. While I still feel fully in control of all of my projects I’m not staying late anymore just because I can. I’m trying to make time for me. It’s really hard to hear this type of feedback as I feel so proud of the work I do so much of the time.




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