Day 16 – Needles

16 01 2010

A few months ago I went to my first acupuncture appointment. Today was my 8th. My acupuncturist is from China and, while he has learned English very well, his notes are all written in characters I do not understand. It’s quite fascinating to watch him write his assessment of me while he feels my pulse, takes my blood pressure and looks at the color and texture of my tongue. Apparently my pulse is still week, but my tongue color was much better today. As for my blood pressure, he thinks I’m nervous and that is why it is constantly high. I’m not a nervous person, and I actually look forward to going to these appointments, so I have no idea why my blood pressure is high.

After he is satisfied with his diagnosis, I’m led back to a small room with a table, similar to a massage table, lined with paper. I lay face down so he can work on my back (I have a bad back and neck). After about 15-20 needles are used, he places some wires to run electrical currents through the needles, turns a heat lamp on, and sets an egg timer that Tick. Tick. Tick’s away. I don’t know what it is about this – if it’s the heat, or the electrical vibrations or the steady ticking, but it lulls me quickly to that place somewhere between awake and asleep where you dream but in a way that you can more readily remember them or even control what happens in them. For 20 minutes I’m so relaxed and lost in a dream world. And then that is it! He comes in removes the cords and needles and I’m done.

I’m not sure I’ve really seen many results yet, but I do know I haven’t had a headache (something I used to get every 3-4 days) in weeks. That alone is a blessing!




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