Day 18 – Date 1

18 01 2010

I went on my first date of the year last night. I met him online as is one of the only ways I’ve met guys in this city. Why does it seem so hard to meet guys in a city as big as San Francisco?

So we were to meet at 7:30 pm at A16 in the Marina. I arrived right on time… and recieved a text saying he was going to be 20 minutes late. Strike 1. Lovely. So I found a seat at the bar, ordered a glass of wine and waited. 23 minutes later he arrived and as I stood up to say hello I realized he lied on his profile. He said he was at least 2 inches taller than he actually is. Strike 2. Guys – don’t lie on your profile! Especially to a tall girl who will notice!

We proceeded to our table where we went through the typical first date questions – where did you grow up? where do you work? have you had much luck online dating? At this last topic he proceeded to tell me about the girl he went out with 4 days ago, took her back to his place and made out for a while. Apparently she is now stalking him. Strike 3. You know, there are some things you just don’t say on a date.

No, I do not typically look for strikes while on dates; it just happened that way last night. Ah well, at least I tried and I will live to date again!




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