Day 21 – Radishes

21 01 2010
Watercolor radishes

Radishes painted in watercolor paint

Tonight we got to paint with watercolor and the subjects were the same fruit and vegetables as last week… with the addition of radishes and apples.

I did not take to watercolor nearly as well as to acrylic paint. It’s hard! The colors mix together instantly and you have to be patient enough to wait for the paint to dry before layering on a new color for definition. And I don’t often have that much patience. When I have light green on paper and I want to add a darker green line to define the leaf, I don’t want to see my pretty dark line bleed into the light green and all but disappear. So frustrating. And the colors do not mix together to make the colors I want – they are much less forgiving than acrylic paints…

Watercolor paint is much more fluid  you can literally play with the paint colors in a liquid pool and blend them together before the water seeps into the paper and dries – hence WATERcolor – and as frustrating as it is, it’s also kind of magical to see two colors blend together and transform into something new and give your picture life and definition. Even the mistakes slowly work themselves into a part of the whole and disappear.

Watercolor apple

An apple in watercolor, which I took some artistic liberties in playing with color

Maybe that is the way with us… For as many flaws as we see in ourselves, for as many little things we pick apart and wish would go away, when you take them all as a whole, they work. They give each of us definition and bring us to life.

I just wish sometimes I could blend some things away a little bit more… Add a little more color to make the flaws magically turn into something beautiful. Maybe that’s what we are trying to do with our lives. Grow and learn and enhance the good in us and eventually overtake our flaws and turn them into something new by layering on more dimensions and expanding to engulf the flaws.

I think I like knowing that I can continue to evolve and overtake my flaws.




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