Day 23 – Date 2

23 01 2010

I had my second date of the year today. We went to Ducca for drinks… Ducca is a great restaurant and bar within the lobby of the Westin in downtown SF. This is a guy that I have been chatting with online since the end of December. We both work in similar industries – he works for a Internet company, and I work for a digital advertising agency – so we had a lot of work related subjects to chat about. He was very nice and good looking, but I found myself wondering who I could set him up with halfway through the date. That’s not a good sign! I think I realized pretty quickly that while he could become a friend, I don’t see a relationship potential here. Humph.

Much of the rest of my day was spent working, and hitting the Elliptical machine in the gym. I did work my way through some saved shows on my DVR, including Project Runway. Lauren Hutton was on and I loved her quote:

“Don’t forget, just work four times harder than everybody else. That’s the real secret to any success.”

I like that. It’s a good reminder that you have to work – work really hard – at anything you want to be successful at. Nothing will just come to you because you want it – you have to actively pursue it. There are a lot of things I want to be very successful at – my career, yoga, learning more about investing in stocks and other opportunities, perhaps even real estate (flipping houses). I just need to start somewhere and keep pursuing my dreams.




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