Day 24 – Hard work

24 01 2010

“If it’s not hard, what’s the point in doing it?”

That is what my yoga instructor kept saying during today’s class. And I think it’s pretty true. When things are really easy to do, it’s almost not worth doing.

By “hard” I don’t mean painful, I mean mind or body stretching… going somewhere you haven’t gone before. It’s always challenging to explore areas just outside of your comfort zone, but that is where the feeling of accomplishment, success and excitement come in. I love the feeling of achieving something or learning something new. Today I even attempted a handstand and a headstand and I felt in a complete control in both poses. Whoot!

This week is going to be challenging for sure. I have clients in town for 3 days and my calendar is back to back meetings all week long. So, to prepare, I spent today split between pampering and preparing – yoga, mani/pedi, and lots of emails. I’d like to get as much accomplished today as possible, so I can start tomorrow a little ahead of the game.

I love the salon I go to for mani/pedi’s. It’s a little shop in North Beach. They have the full massage chairs, their prices are GREAT ($30 for both!), and on the weekends they serve champagne. Or they used to serve champagne. Really??? Apparently the new ownership decided to stop that little treat. Well, at least the massage chairs were a little piece of heaven.




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