Day 25 – When it rains, it pours

25 01 2010

While I had my alarm set to 6am for a very early Monday morning conference call, my cat decided that 5am was an even better time for me to wake up. It was not the best way to start off a Monday that already promised to be insane. I braved the early morning call and then instead of crawling back between the sheets of my very welcoming warm bed, I changed into my workout clothes and, yawning, headed to the gym. I figured, since I’m up, I might as well make the most of it. I was only a little more enticed due to the fact that my  gym, which is located two floors below my condo, has personal TV’s on each cardio machine, so I could watch the morning news while I got my sweat on.

Not 40 minutes following my workout as I headed  to the office the clouds opened up and it was pouring rain. Again, I was without an umbrella! And… AND! to add to that, the Muni train I jumped on to head to the office stopped 12 blocks away due to delays and let everyone off to walk to their destination. So, 12 blocks and 20 minutes later I stomped into the office dripping wet. I quickly tossed off my now ruined cute shoes that were completely cold and soaking wet to the side and went about my morning with a new office trend – barefoot. Why not! My shoes will never be the same. Might as well make the most of it, right? And, since I didn’t find out until much later than I had mascara dripping down my face thanks to my morning hike, I felt a little more due the barefoot morning…

Ahhhh… but tomorrow will be more than a bit crazy. Clients arriving, intense conversations and decisions to be had and topping it all off with a date – Date 3 for the year. The meetings we have tomorrow are the kind of meeting you don’t really want to have but are fully prepared for… Do you ever feel like you are speaking another language than your client? My team and I are in that situation. We don’t know how many other ways to have this conversation – so we are now trying the in-person-whiteboarding conversation. Maybe this will help us explain why we can’t deliver a site the complexity of the Taj Mahol in the timeframe of delivering a mobile home. Wish me luck. It’s funny, this is a conversation I never could have had confidently with a client a few years ago. Now I’m looking forward to it. And crossing my fingers and toes for success.

My date should be a bit of a celebration for me tomorrow night!




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