Day 26 – Double booked (Date 3)

26 01 2010

Not only did I have a client dinner at Slanted Door (a fabulous Asian restaurant in the SF Ferry Building) tonight, but I had a date (Date 3 for the year) at Sheba Lounge on Fillmore afterwards. The dinner was fabulous… Two types of tofu served with steamed broccoli and a grapefruit cabbage salad. Followed by dessert. Not a good combination for a girl looking to shed some pounds. But, how does one not order dessert when everyone else orders Creme Brule and Milk Chocolate Pot de Creme? So, I decided on the Chocolate Angel Food Cake and Peanut Butter Swirl Ice Cream. The Peanut Butter Swirl Ice Cream had me from the time it arrived… It was literally Peanut Butter swirled in Vanilla ice cream and sprinkled with Honey Roasted Peanuts. Salty and Sweet. So yummy. And yet probably horrible for me – a little piece of heaven!

To finish the night off, I headed to Sheba Lounge to meet my date… Sheba Lounge is not what I expected. I walked in, exhausted from my full day of client meetings followed by a client dinner, and was met with low lights, a piano player seated at a grand piano and an atmosphere that of someone’s extremely comfortable living room – fireplace and all. It was exactly what I didn’t know I wanted. It was wonderful. My date was interesting as well. He is an author in the middle of his second book to be titled: Little Bets. I think I even helped title one of his chapters! It’s often nice to not only speak to intelligent people, but find you can meet them at their game with some of your personal stories. Tonight was good…

Did I feel chemistry? Not sexual chemistry, but mental, intellectual chemistry, I think I did. I would enjoy keeping in touch with him from a conversation standpoint… I want to learn more about what he does and some of the companies he has met with. It was almost like having a good conversation with a professor (yes, he was once a professor) that was stimulating… I can see how some might take that mental stimulation for sexual interest, but I’m not there – at least not right now.

Today was successful – full of great client meetings, a wonderful meal and stimulating conversation. And maybe, just maybe, I helped in naming a chapter of a book…




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