Day 27 – Anchor and Hope

27 01 2010

What a great name for a restaurant – Anchor and Hope.  Solid and steady amidst the waves and hoping for the best…

We took a group of 10 to this little restaurant located down an alley off of 2nd in SF. It was packed. Not only was the atmosphere great (fun fish paining above the wall), the food was great. I ordered the vegetarian plate, which was described as a vegetable plate. I’ve been to plenty of restaurants where they just take their steamed vegetables of the evening and create a plate. Yuck. Tonight’s plate was different… a compilation of brussel sprouts, baby carrots, pearl onions, pesto and a few other sauces in a beautiful display of a meal. Filling and yummmmmmyyyyy!

Tonight’s dinner was not just for fun… I was with 2 clients and 7 coworkers, including my bosses bosses boss. Do you ever feel like you are constantly putting your foot in your mouth? I never feel that with my clients, but with my superiors I feel that way way all too often. Tonight was not an exception. Good conversation, yet I felt like I was on ice at times. Probably for no more than my own impression and worry, but still, I couldn’t fully relax and enjoy the evening.

And I missed another evening of yoga. It’s looking like our clients will be in town every other week for the next few months, which will be fantastic for our project, but trying on my yoga practice. I have heard rumors of early morning yoga classes though… I might have to rally for those soon. Who get’s up at 5:30am to workout when you don’t have to be at work until 9am?




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