Day 29 – Cookie Monster

29 01 2010

I’m all for socializing with neighbors in my building, so when I got an invitation from a few neighbors for a potluck tonight, I said yes. The focus of the event was what made me hesitate from immediately getting excited about it though – it was for cat owners.

My hope was that it was for us to meet each other more officially to better help us all know who we can reach out to should we need cat sitting assistance in the future as well as just get to know each other. That was part of the evening… but it also featured a slide show of everyones cat, in-depth cat stories and discussions on the trouble with nail clipping. OMG. I felt a bit like I had stepped into a twilight zone of sorts.

One of the best parts of the evening, however, came in the shape of a cookie…  along with a beautiful spread of cheeses, fruit, wine, and cafe du leche cake, were the most amazing milk chocoloate and white chocolate chip cookies. Yes, two types of chips in a perfectly golden brownie cookie made from real butter, no crisco in these, no siree, and real sugar. The white chocolate mellowed the strong milk chocolate taste and the crispy, brown-sugary-sweet, buttery crunch was the perfect pairing. I’m forever ruined on regular chocolate chip cookies after trying these.

I actually made a major social faux pax after leaving the event and thinking of how good those cookies were – I returned to the event 30 minutes after leaving just to get another cookie! As luck would have it, no was was there, just the food and an empty room (my bet is someone had taken the group to their unit to show off her kitty.) I was giddy to know that not only did I not have to explain why I was back and again make my exit, but the cookies were there for my enjoyment! I picked up 3 and ran back to my unit. That is how good they are.

Note to self – must find the recipe for these things of wonder!




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