Day 31 – Say “Soy Cheese!”

31 01 2010

After a day of relaxing, you’d think I would be jumping out of bed for the 9am yoga class. Not the case. The only reason I made was my cat decided to methodically knock everything off of the kitchen counter to get my attention so I would feed him. Not the best way to wake up. So, when I realized that if I quickly threw on my workout clothes, I would just make it to yoga and then my day would be free to do anything else by 11am, I groggily dressed and wiped the sleep out of my eyes.

“Today is Picture Day!

Say ‘Soy Cheese!'”

That was the sign I saw as I entered the studio. Apparently this was the class to capture photos for the website and other marketing paraphernalia. Perfect.

It was, however, a great class, and a great way to start my day. But these are some pictures I’m not super thrilled at seeing – not to mention that when I finally left the class and looked in a mirror I saw that I had tufts of hair sprouting everywhere… I have never been one of those women who can pull their hair into a cute pony tail, go through a good workout, and come out with their hair still in perfect order. I am the one who come out looking like an ill-groomed chia pet!




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