Day 32 – Wild Dream

1 02 2010

This morning I woke up with clear memory of a bizarre dream…

I was living in my condo, but it had a second door leading out to the hallway. I had to get up early to head to the airport for a trip for the company I worked for years ago and I hadn’t packed yet. When I reached the bathroom, I could see a door to the exterior hallway was open and there was someone in my condo. He came in and said hi like he had known me forever and started to explain why he didn’t wake me the night before, and that he had made himself dinner in my kitchen. There were chunks of meat floating in the sink (I have no idea why!). In the process of cleaning the mess up, I locked myself out of the apartment and had to go to the front desk and find my spare key. I was panicked and devastated that I was late for my trip and would miss my plane – the clock read 8:45am and the plane was due to depart at 9:15am. When I finally returned to the apartment, the guy went to kiss me in thanks and said “I’ve missed you so much, Jay Linn!” I then realized he was looking for my neighbor, not me, and she had been waiting for him all night.

So many wrong things with that dream, and it was so vivid, and yet I cannot pick out any element that could mean anything for me right now. I don’t have a neighbor Jay Linn, I haven’t needed to travel for work in over a year, I never would have waited until the morning to pack and there is no meat in this house.

Beyond the dream, my day has felt a bit off. I walked into a Monday to an email from my Client asking us to undo EVERYTHING we had just agreed to do last week while they were in our offices for 3 days. It almost had me in tears knowing how much work the team had put towards this project and that we couldn’t get a straight decision. Almost. And then the afternoon followed with hearing that my best project manager had been given an offer from a competitor that he couldn’t refuse. Follow that by me not being able to hold half of my yoga poses tonight.

Is it a full moon? Something going on with the stars? Today was just a confusing, stressful, unbalanced mess. Time for a restful nights sleep…




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