Day 34 – Anchor and Hope (Take 2)

3 02 2010

Tonight we took another client to Anchor and Hope. It’s crazy to think of where things were this time last week. So much has started to ripple since then. And we found out our client in town this week is here to check in on the clients here last week – to see what the real story is on that project.

There is something I like about the name of this restaurant: Anchor and Hope. To think of a ship anchored in near shore, rocking with the wakes and waves, yet still safe and full of hope and dreams for the next voyage. Now, while I do have the hope for another career voyage in the not too distant future, I’m still anchored in with my current job, rocking with the waves and trying to recover as quickly as possible. All I can do is stay steady, support those on my team, and stay focused for my clients. Right? Today I even received a few IM’s from my manager (it’s sad that we are so busy I’m barely talking with in any other form then IM) reassuring me of my place and my importance within this company, so that does help. A little.

So the first month of this year has been both trying and forward looking. I’ve read 2 books and started a 3rd, joined a drawing class, attended a few seminars, lost 3 coworkers, and jumped into yoga where I have learned to breathe. February should continue to fascinate me…




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