Day 36 – New Neighbors (Ironside)

5 02 2010

My friends have officially moved into my building! And for whatever reason, I keep running into them. There are people I never see who live on my floor… Sara and Franck moved in 4 floors higher and I’ve run into them twice in 2 days while using the elevator.

At 9pm they had just finished unpacking and I had just made it home from work. A group of us, tired and dragging from the day, jumped into the car to grab a late dinner. We ended up at Ironside, a new-ish restaurant on 2nd street, after 21st Amendment declared their kitchen was closed before we could order.

Ironside is a sister restaurant of District, the local wine bar. The atmosphere is cozy and a bit industrial feeling – downstairs there were larger tables and I’m not sure if they are community seats or just for larger groups. We headed upstairs and got a table in the corner by the window. We ordered tempura avocado for the table and while the rest of the group ordered burgers, I ordered a cheese pizza and wine. We soon discovered that their sodas are not you typical Coke or Pepsi brands – theirs are made with Agave syrup, which is so much more healthy for your body… Good to know!

Bread with sweet honey butter was served immediately, which was fabulous. I think the bread is from Acme… it reminds me of the same bread Anchor and Hope serves. The Tempura Avocado was interesting… It was only lightly breaded and served with a wasabi flavored aioli… I’ve never been much of a fan of aioli, or any mayonnaise based sauce for that matter. For being late at night on a Friday, our food arrived fairly quickly. I take it the burgers were good as there was not a drop left on anyone else’s plate. The pizza had a great crust and sauce, but was a little bit too oily for me even though there wasn’t too much cheese on it… how does that happen? Is it the cheese or just a drizzle of oil on top?

Needless to say we ate and ran home to relax in our separate units. I’m so glad to have friends in the building!




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