Day 41 – Countdown begins…

10 02 2010

I’m counting down to two things right now…

First – Opening Ceremony’s for the winter Olympics is less than 2 days away!

Second – Valentines day is only 4 days away.

One is good and one is bad for me.

I LOVE the Olympics and have so many friends in Vancouver right now! So much of me wishes I was there instead of here… I have a weird dark cloud following me when Valentines day nears, and this one is already turning into a doozy. I have 2 EMs leaving this week, and one of my backfills was to interview with us on Thursday, but she dislocated her shoulder and will be taking a few more weeks off (WHO DISLOCATES THEIR SHOULDER!). On top of this we are losing my favorite Group Director on Friday as well.

So, this weekend I will be working as I will be covering all the projects that one of my PMs has been handling, have to continue to train the new one who started today, and have to figure out how to kickoff 5 more. This is not going to be a good few weeks…




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