11 02 2010

Two packages arrived at the office for me! They were both special care packages – the fun kinds you got from your mom when you were at summer camp or sometimes in college. How fun!

One was from my mom. She made a whole batch of heart shaped, pink frosted (with yummy home-made frosting) sugar cookies. Delicious! Every year for Valentines Day she surprises me with some yummy treat. And she has a crazy knack for baking phenomenal treats. One of my coworkers took a small piece of one and kept coming back until the entire cookie was gone!

The second care package was a sweet surprise, or a “sprinkling of pixie dust,” as my client would say. I have a joke with my client that since we never like talking about ‘change orders’ or needing to bill for more money, we have dubbed them ‘Lollipops.’ It makes it much more entertaining… Like Mary Poppins’ “just a spoonful of sugar…”! The second box, the second care package, as they were both packed with care and joy, was filled with every kind of lollipop, sucker and sugar candy… DumDums, Toy Story themed Lollipop rings, Marshmallow Lollipops, chocolate lollipops, heart shaped sugar lollipops and box after box of heart shaped candies. And in the center was a cut out purple construction shaped heart with “Got Lollipops?” in the center.

How sweet is that? And what am I going to do with all this sugar?




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