Day 47 – Black Cloud Day in FULL Effect

16 02 2010
Black Cloud Pendant

Black Cloud

I’ve mentioned my “Valentine’s Day” curse, or, as I’ve dubbed it today, my ‘Black Cloud,’ that seems to follow me around this time of year – and this year is turning out to be nothing new! ARGHHHHHHH!

I woke up today not only knowing I was short 2 Project Managers but I had received an email late last night to find out John, my only project manager, who I can trust to continue to take on new projects, had had a run-in with the lawnmower, nearly lost a part of his finger, and would not be in the next day… Trust me, I felt terrible for John! Who wouldn’t! I also felt a little bad for me for not having him in the office either, but I was not too worried. When I saw the next few emails, though, I began to see a pattern…  Chris, one of my other Project managers, had gotten the stomach flu and would be out. Doug, my director of technology, had the start of a migraine and would be out. Katia, my director of Analytics, was home sick. And Angela, an Associate Creative Director, who had had an out loud screaming fight with Chris on Friday, emailed to say she wouldn’t work with him anymore.

The day continued as such… Lisa, my manager and director of the account, had massive deliverables to focus on and wouldn’t be able to support me today; Molly, my interviewee who I was hoping to have come in tomorrow to start work, no-showed on her interview due to not having read her email to confirm the appointment time; and when we finally decided to let Chris go (he was the contractor that Angela had the screaming fight with – I’ve known her 3 years and have never even seen her raise her voice), he never answered his phone so we couldn’t finish his contract today – so now I get to meet with him tomorrow… if he is feeling good enough to come in, that is. And, I ripped one of my favorite sweaters right down the seam and straight up the sleeve.

To top it all off, I got home right before 8pm and before I could even reach the elevators, the fire alarms, flashing lights and loud speakers started to evacuate the building. Soon enough people were heading out of the building – dogs, cats in carriers and even bunnies stood on the side of road waiting for the fire trucks to arrive to check the building and give the “All Clear.” The culprit? Someone burnt their pizza and set off the smoke detector.

Granted none of these things truly “hurt” me directly, in fact I feel worse for what others are going through right now, but I still think black cloud reached out to others and messed with them this year. Please let this cloud be gone!

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