Day 48 – Black Cloud dissipating…

17 02 2010

The black cloud was still around for most of the day… Just a few examples – I woke up sick… the lunch I ordered (a caprese sandwich) arrived with no cheese and no basil – so I got  bread, 1 slice of tomato and lettuce. You would think the sandwich maker would question that… right? And we had a very big snafu happen on a project while the client was IN the office. Not exactly a few great moments of the day. I actually asked people if I should just leave the office for the rest of the afternoon, and my manager, only half joking, asked how long the black cloud hangs around.

But I began to see a glimmer of hope in the afternoon when we got the approval on one new hire (she won’t be able to start for 2 weeks) and we have the lead on 2 others who might be able to start on Monday.

So my fingers, toes, and everything else are crossed, and I have humbly prayed, that tomorrow I wake up for my 7am conference call (joy) not sick and with more sun than black cloud hanging around me.

I am looking forward to painting/drawing tomorrow (back to acrylic!) followed by a late dinner with Sabrina. Normalcy is heading my way… I think.




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