Day 53 – Bugs Bunny Opera

22 02 2010
Bugs Bunny

Bugs Bunny Opera

From the moment I woke up today it’s been crazy. Remember watching the Bugs bunny short operas where, while the music played, Bugs would run around and create a bit of chaos, turn someone’s hair into a mohawk, paint someone blue, and on and on, while the music played in the background… Dadadadadadada dadadadadadada dadada da dadada da da da da da… Well that was my day. My hair was on fire for most of it… It never got too hot, but I feel a bit toasted, for sure.

I wish more of my life didn’t revolve around my work day. I was actually talking with a friend tonight and she was saying the same thing. Work has taken on so much of our time that we don’t have time for ourselves. It’s like just when I was ready to dive into making my own life better and pursue individual goals, I’ve been swallowed by work – it’s all good though – I’m doing well, projects are exciting, and clients are great… but that’s not growing my mental or spiritual self – or my love life, for that matter. I was actually told this morning that I have to take a mandatory 14 days vacation between April and September this year and at that point I will still stop accruing vacation days.

Time for me to figure out a way to take time for myself on a more regular basis – and start looking for some more dates!




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