Day 56 – It’s the small things to be thankful for

25 02 2010
Kitchen Fire

Neighbors kitchen fire - this is the microwave and the cabinet in the back ground. You can see the silver handle on the cabinet door we were all admiring...

After one of the longest weeks, I headed home via the store to pick up some wine and cheese and crackers and texted Sara, my neighbor in my building.

Me: What a day!
Sara: OMG! Ending in the building being on fire?!?!


My mind went everywhere you think it would go… My parents actually had a house fire about 6 years ago that ended with their brand new remodeled home back down to the studs. So, I have some reference as to what can happen in a fire. Instantly I wondered… Is it my unit on fire? Is my unit now flooded due to the sprinkler system? Is my cat OK? I don’t  have homeowners insurance… now what! Could I pay for the damages? Note to self… get insurance. Which, oddly enough, I just kicked off a homeowners insurance marketing campaign today. Coincidence?

As soon as I approached the building I could see the fire trucks were still there and residents were just being allowed back in. There was a burnt mess of materials on the curb which turned out to be a microwave and kitchen cabinet. The security guard confirmed there was a kitchen fire in 518 (a unit in another wing from me – can we say: PHEW!), water damage in 518 and 418 thanks to the sprinklers, and smoke damage to 518, 618 and neighboring units. OMG.

Apparently, the girl in 518 was cooking stirfry on her gas stove with the fan on the microwave above working… Somehow the oil splattered onto the backsplash and up behind the microwave and it caught the microwave on fire. The sprinklers went off and the fire department had to rip out no only the microwave, but also the cabinet next to it.

Sadly enough, our cabinets are from Studio Becker and, while waiting to go back up the elevator, I heard someone talking about the fact that the cabinet handle still looked good… Studio Becker cabinets are EX-PEN-SIVE. And we are all in need of an extra cabinet for above the refrigerator – a $1,600 expense that many of us are trying to not have to spend. I can think of a lot of other ways I’d rather spend $1,600. The most difficult part of installing a similar cabinet by another vendor, though, is the handle… No one else has anything even close to it. Is it sad that many of us wondered if we could get that handle? Wow. Mob mentality? Scavengers? Is that what we all come down to?

I know my job is stressful and takes over my day, but I’m so very very very thankful that my home is safe. You forget that even though you own a unit in a new building you are still affected by your neighbors. As I sit here in my little condo in the city, glass of wine in hand and cat curled at my feet, I’m so grateful for what I have and for being safe and out of danger tonight. I’m praying for my neighbors that they might have a speedy recovery to this accident.




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