27 02 2010


Tiffany Notes ring

My new ring!

I not only had a good date last night, but I also had my yearly review. It went really well… and I even got a raise even though I had gotten a promotion less than 6 months ago.

So today was a day to celebrate! I instantly headed to Union Square. 🙂 I could have taken the bus downtown today, but the sun was shining and I was in a good mood, so I headed out on foot… I stopped at Macy’s first looking for a handbag by Dooney and Bourke that Sabrina had said was there. I’ve been WANTING a  navy leather handbag for months now! Since I didn’t find the bag of my dreams there, I headed across the square to get my jewelry cleaned at Tiffany’s…

I am not a crazy jewelry girl. In fact I only have a few select pieces of silver jewelry that I wear on a regular basis. It take a LOT for me to switch out my necklace or take off my bracelet. I’m true blue when it comes to my jewelry.

the other ring...

The ring I almost got...

So, while I waited for my necklace and bracelet to be cleaned I tried on a few silver rings… just for fun. 🙂 The sales lade informed me that after today they were marking up all of their price 10-15%. Yikes! I had a simple, Tiffany Notes ring on my finger that felt good… and I had a more fancy diamond, white gold Ghery ring on another finger than felt just as good… although almost 200 times more expensive.

I love both rings, and while I did get a raise, I opted for the more economical piece… the piece I can were every day and enjoy and be happy with.




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