Day 60 – Blast from the Past

1 03 2010
Cloud 9

Cloud 9

Do you ever have those heart warming, smile inducing conversations with people you once had a thing for? I FINALLY gave in tonight to start the conversation…

After watching the Bachelor, and the “After the Final Rose” episode, I came home from my neighbor Sara’s, and logged in to read some emails… a moment later “he” logged in to IM. Now, this is a guy I only had a few brief personal encounters with, but he left an impression. He is one of these guys were I feel I can be my complete self with, and it’s just easy. So… after over a year and a half of not communicating with him, I said “hello” tonight.

And it was good!

Yes, I was the brazen young female approaching the older male (relax, he’s only 5 years older than me). And I said hi first. After joking around for a bit, he said “I thought about you now and again while in NY.”  My response: “I’m a keeper. You can say it!” He responded: “You are… you really are… honestly you’ve got to be one of the sweetest girls I’ve ever met. Just saying…” I responded in like and then he figured it was getting too mushy. Go figure… But he said he thought about me! I made an impression on him too! That, at least, is something…

But, seriously! When do you ever hear that! That was enough to boost my ego for a few days and put me on cloud 9. I’m going to bed beyond happy tonight. 🙂




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