Day 61 – Breathing

2 03 2010

Today was a day of managing stress… and energy. I spent the night battling a stomach ache, and the day battling new challenges being thrown at me left and right.

I escaped the office for a refuge in yoga with a new instructor – Eric. He was great! uplifting, entertaining, and calming. He helped me refocus my energy to something positive. I have, however, realized that pigeon pose is not my friend. My hips are tighter than anything… Argh.

But I’m grateful for my minimal amounts of pain. On the way to work I read an essay by John McCain on what he believes… Part of the essay touches on his time spent in the Vietnam prisons in North Vietnam. A prison I was able to visit 2 years ago. I can not imagine the sorrow, pain and suffering that went on there. I can not imagine having the strength to get through that time and become a functioning positive person for others to admire, but today, today I admire him.

I am grateful for the energy, strength and patience that I am given each day to advance forward… And I do each with each cleansing breathe I take in, and I let out any worries and stress with each exhalation…




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