Day 62 – One Market

3 03 2010

A coworker and I arrived 2o minutes after our party had been seated at a large round table in the center of One Market. This is a restaurant that our guest of honor spends a lot of time at and was looking forward to sharing with many of us. About 10 of us enjoyed everything from the wine, to caesar salads, to entrees heavily focused on seafood.

It was a wonderful evening… I had the special of the night, well, the vegetarian special of the night. I had the cheese tortellini, which turned out to be a nettle tortellini… we think it was an artichoke and cheese puree stuffed in a tortellini shell. It was doused in a light froth of cream sauce. The presentation was beautiful!

I skipped the dessert options as I have given up sugar and friend food for Lent… although the mint chocolate chip with drops of mint reduction, might be worth going back for…

Ah, but I do find myself with a potential crossroads… I received a voicemail from Holden, my date from last Friday night. I have to say I’m disappointed I didn’t hear from him within the first 3 days – he waited 5! Really? That is kind of unacceptable…

And then there is my “Blast from the Past” who, I have to say, has me a little more than giddy with possibility. Not that I expect anything to happen, nor have I heard from him since then, but the possibility is REALLY nice. Butterfly’s in the stomach nice! Wow, it has been a really long time since I have felt that way…

The only question is if I will ever see this guy in person again… and if he will break my heart for the third time.




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