May Days…

6 05 2010
Cookie Monster after a bad day

I can sympathize with days like this... Poor Cookie Monster...

Accelerating…  That is the last thing I’ve been doing with myself over the past 2 months. 2 months. What have I done in those weeks instead of blogging, doing yoga, or actively growing myself? I worked. I did launch a few great websites during this time, however it took a toll on me mentally and physically. I am stressed, and tense, and raggedly, weary-boned tired.

It hasn’t been a quiet two months though… My parents made the decision to move to South Carolina permanently and put my childhood house on the market, I spent a few days in Chicago for work and met up with some wonderful friends from college, I went to my second seminar with Clara Chorley which focused on moving your life forward, I went to see Gary Spivey – psychic to the stars, I turned a quiet 33 on St. Patrick’s day, I read Dan Brown’s “The Lost Symbol,” I got sick and lost my voice for 5 days – all of which I continued to put in 10+ hour work days, I attended the birthday parties of 3 friends (in 3 days), I hired a housekeeper, I bought myself a nice new blue Coach bag, I found out my best friend Julie is going to have a baby Girl,I bought a 46″ TV which know makes me feel like I’m in the same room as the actors, I started eating sugar again, I bought a new lens for my camera and used it taking pictures of Sabrina’s niece and nephew.

Even just reflecting on the past two months, the only things that make me feel good or make an impact – the things that I want to remember in my future – are the times spent with my friends in Chicago, finding out my Julie is having a baby girl and the sadness of knowing the house I grew up in will never be someplace I can go back to again.

A week or two ago I learned that Rusty Wells is holding a 6 day yoga retreat in Crete, Greece this July and I think I’m going to go. While looking into potential itineraries and pictures of Greece with the jeweled blue waters and bright white buildings, I can help but feel at peace and the hint of excitement growing inside me. It might be the perfect time for me to get away for another vacation. I can’t ignore the feeling that I don’t want to go on yet another trip by myself, that I want more than anything to take this trip with a man I love. But if I continue to wait, if I don’t do anything until I meet that man, I will be a lonely, unfulfilled, sad woman… and that doesn’t fit with who I am, who I want to be… Let alone attract a good man to me!

So, I’m taking the advice of my Life Coach Clara, who I saw on View of the Bay today – I’m putting my foot on the accelerator of my life and I’m going to move forward. My immediate destinations include designing a backsplash for my kitchen, taking a day off work in the next two weeks, planning the trip to Greece and researching at least 5 companies that could become a partner for this product we have a patent on…

I know I have so much more to give than what I am giving now, so much more to contribute, so much more to grow, and I will be so much more than I am today. Time to Accelerate…




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