2010 Blessing – recap of my year

31 12 2010

So, here we are, at the end of 2010 – how did I do on my challenge? Well, let’s look…

  • To attend a seminar or workshop each month. I started off the year wonderfully. Drawing and Painting class in January and February, Life coach workshop in March. April, May and June were not too good for me… But in July I picked back up with a full week workshop in Crete, Greece (Wonderful!). The rest of the year flew by and included a society event in August, a networking event in September, my brother’s wedding in October, Thanksgiving in Belgium and Paris in November as well as a Photography workshop, and Christmas in South Carolina. Now, normally, I would not include trips to places as “seminars or workshops” but these definitely took me outside my comfort zone and I learned plenty about different cultures… and multiple forms of transportation navigation nightmares.
  • Exercise at least 3 times a week – For this goal I was again up and down throughout the year. I started the year with a bang and then fizzled through the spring and got my energy back in the fall. I rotated between a lot of yoga and jogging. I can happily say that I can run for 20 minutes straight – before this year I was lucky to run a continuous 2 minutes without breaking for a short walk. That, for me, is a huge accomplishment.
  • Read a new book each month – I did great here. I now look forward to reading on the bus to and from work as well as on any plane trip I take. I’ve read inspirational books, historical books as well as books “everyone” is talking about.
  • Say “yes” to one thing each week I normally wouldn’t – this goal I have to admit fell off my radar. I did, however, broaden my horizon and do things I’m not comfortable with, but I could definitely be better about it.

Overall, I give myself a C- on my 2010 challenge. It’s a grade that I never have seen on any report card I have ever received. Ever. In fact I think I go out of my way at times not to fail… sometimes that even means not trying something new. Failing is something I have a lot of problems with. So, it’s time that I admit to my failure, own my faults, and be open to doing better, being better, next year.

Thank you 2010 for so much – for; amazing new friends, a new sister-in-law, reconnecting with my extended family (cousins I haven’t seen in 12 years!), trips to Greece, Belgium and Paris as well as Chicago, NY, Dallas and DC, wonderful new and existing colleagues, exciting new challenges at work, times where I laughed so hard I cried, times where I cried so much it hurt, a body that can go farther and do more than I ever thought, reconnecting with old friends, new babies for beautiful women in my life (Julie’s baby Allison born in May, Jen’s baby due any day, Emma’s baby due in February and Kristina’s baby Penelope due in early 2011), an increased appreciation for photography, an immersion into the breathe of yoga, .

So, while I may have ‘failed’ my challenge for 2010, at the end of the day, I end the year feeling happy, inspired, and so, so, so… blessed.




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