“And away we go…!”

4 01 2011

Know what line that is from? Here is the full reference:

Thank you, fans and friends and odds and ends. And now, for you gals and guys, a few words to the wise. You Jims and Sals are my best pals. And to look your best for the big contest, just be yourselves and have a ball. That’s what it’s all about, after all. So, forget about the camera and think about the beat. We’ll give the folks at home a real big treat. Don’t worry about where the camera is, just keep on dancin’, that’s your biz. Hey, if I tap your shoulder, move to the side. Let the others finish the ride! This is the event you’ve all been waiting for, the National Dance-Off. And away we go with Johnny Casino and the Gamblers!” ~ Vincent

Grease! One of my all time favorite movies. In fact it is the first movie I ever saw on VHS – that and Lady and the Tramp, another favorite. If you haven’t seen either in a while, I highly recommend them.

In this case I’m speaking more to the first day back at the office in the new year after a long holiday break. It was a good day complete with multiple clients, cupcakes and a 3 hour client dinner where the conversation was heavily dominated by BBQ competitions and smokers – perfect for the resident vegetarian.

As much as I was excited for 2010, I think this might be my year. Possibly the year where I find (and accept) love, grasp success in my career and become a better me – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. That is a lot to look forward to… but gals and guys and fans and friends it’s what my hopes, dreams and goals are, after all. Wish me luck with my year test and I’ll wish you all the best.

And away we go…!




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