About Me

I’m Bonnie, a 33 year old girl living in downtown San Francisco in a condo I recently purchased – not an easy feat for a single girl in this city! Born and raised in Michigan, I migrated to Oregon at the end of 2001, and landed here in early 2007. Much of my time is consumed by my day job – I work for an advertising agency in the city as a cross between and account and project manager. It’s the kind of job where I’m constantly on call and ridiculously attached to email. Yes, I’m the girl that has multiple phones on her at all times…

When I was in college I remember posting a sign on my door that said: Help! I’m lost… I’ve gone to find myself. If I should return before I get back, please ask me to wait.

There is something fun and maybe a little “Alice in Wonderland” about that saying. The idea of not really knowing where you are, where you are heading and being in multiple places at the same time. I think I’ve lived my life that way. At one time I traveled for work extensively (220+ days a year). I’ve picked up and moved to new cities with barely a thought. I like the idea of being a little whimsical and free spirited and making impulsive decisions. But that won’t get me everything I want out of life. Maybe it’s time for me to “find” myself once and for all and figure out what I really want out of life.

Now, don’t get me wrong… the traveling, the moving, it’s all been great! I wouldn’t trade it in for anything. In fact I’d like to find more time to travel to new places each year. But things have changed… I left my traveling job as there was no where else for me to grow into career-wise. I had reached the senior level and the next step was to move to an office position in Minnesota, which I wasn’t really interested in. So, I went back to school, got my MBA and found a 9-5 job in a small communications agency. 2 years later I accidentally applied for a job in SF and, 2 weeks later, I had sold my place in Oregon and moved to SF to start a new adventure.

I’ve been in SF for almost 4 years now and things are good. And yet… I find myself wanting more. I want to find out what I really want out for my life instead of just going along with whatever comes next.

During this year I will welcome any book titles, class recommendations, or challenges that I can reasonably do.  I wish everyone else the best for their personal challenges as well!


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