2010 Challenge

I’m actively seeking to be a better me, and living a more fulfilling life, in 2010.

Over the last year I noticed that I was doing the same thing day after day and I wasn’t excited about any of it. I had no passion for anything. I felt a bit, well, stuck. In my relationships, spiritual connection, health, and career.

I’m done living my life without passion.

I’m ready to live my life as fully as I can.

So, I’m doing what I can to change that ‘stuck’ feeling – and find me in 2010.

Of course I have to have a roadmap to guide me along the way, and for that, I’ve created a few, easy to manage, goals.

  • Attend a new class or seminar each month – there are so many things that I want to learn: draw, paint, take better pictures, invest in the stock market, and more
  • Exercise at least 3 times a week – I think exercising is not only good for the physical health, but also your mental health. It keeps you more focused, reduces stress, gives you more energy and releases endorphins. We like endorphins! And I’m going to need this extra energy to stay on track.
  • Read a new book each month – there are so many positive, motivational books that I should be filling my head with.
  • Say “yes” to one thing each week that I normally wouldn’t – by getting out of my comfort zone I will likely meet some new, interesting people, try something I’ve always wanted to try (or never knew I wanted to try), or maybe discover something I never want to do again.

My thought is that by continuing to learn and try new things, that I will be a better person and live a more fulfilling life.

After all, this is one long, exciting journey and I want to experience everything I can!

Wish me luck!

To see how I did, check out my summary here.


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