Day 62 – One Market

3 03 2010

A coworker and I arrived 2o minutes after our party had been seated at a large round table in the center of One Market. This is a restaurant that our guest of honor spends a lot of time at and was looking forward to sharing with many of us. About 10 of us enjoyed everything from the wine, to caesar salads, to entrees heavily focused on seafood.

It was a wonderful evening… I had the special of the night, well, the vegetarian special of the night. I had the cheese tortellini, which turned out to be a nettle tortellini… we think it was an artichoke and cheese puree stuffed in a tortellini shell. It was doused in a light froth of cream sauce. The presentation was beautiful!

I skipped the dessert options as I have given up sugar and friend food for Lent… although the mint chocolate chip with drops of mint reduction, might be worth going back for…

Ah, but I do find myself with a potential crossroads… I received a voicemail from Holden, my date from last Friday night. I have to say I’m disappointed I didn’t hear from him within the first 3 days – he waited 5! Really? That is kind of unacceptable…

And then there is my “Blast from the Past” who, I have to say, has me a little more than giddy with possibility. Not that I expect anything to happen, nor have I heard from him since then, but the possibility is REALLY nice. Butterfly’s in the stomach nice! Wow, it has been a really long time since I have felt that way…

The only question is if I will ever see this guy in person again… and if he will break my heart for the third time.


Day 61 – Breathing

2 03 2010

Today was a day of managing stress… and energy. I spent the night battling a stomach ache, and the day battling new challenges being thrown at me left and right.

I escaped the office for a refuge in yoga with a new instructor – Eric. He was great! uplifting, entertaining, and calming. He helped me refocus my energy to something positive. I have, however, realized that pigeon pose is not my friend. My hips are tighter than anything… Argh.

But I’m grateful for my minimal amounts of pain. On the way to work I read an essay by John McCain on what he believes… Part of the essay touches on his time spent in the Vietnam prisons in North Vietnam. A prison I was able to visit 2 years ago. I can not imagine the sorrow, pain and suffering that went on there. I can not imagine having the strength to get through that time and become a functioning positive person for others to admire, but today, today I admire him.

I am grateful for the energy, strength and patience that I am given each day to advance forward… And I do each with each cleansing breathe I take in, and I let out any worries and stress with each exhalation…

Day 60 – Blast from the Past

1 03 2010
Cloud 9

Cloud 9

Do you ever have those heart warming, smile inducing conversations with people you once had a thing for? I FINALLY gave in tonight to start the conversation…

After watching the Bachelor, and the “After the Final Rose” episode, I came home from my neighbor Sara’s, and logged in to read some emails… a moment later “he” logged in to IM. Now, this is a guy I only had a few brief personal encounters with, but he left an impression. He is one of these guys were I feel I can be my complete self with, and it’s just easy. So… after over a year and a half of not communicating with him, I said “hello” tonight.

And it was good!

Yes, I was the brazen young female approaching the older male (relax, he’s only 5 years older than me). And I said hi first. After joking around for a bit, he said “I thought about you now and again while in NY.”  My response: “I’m a keeper. You can say it!” He responded: “You are… you really are… honestly you’ve got to be one of the sweetest girls I’ve ever met. Just saying…” I responded in like and then he figured it was getting too mushy. Go figure… But he said he thought about me! I made an impression on him too! That, at least, is something…

But, seriously! When do you ever hear that! That was enough to boost my ego for a few days and put me on cloud 9. I’m going to bed beyond happy tonight. 🙂

Day 59 – Coffee

28 02 2010

I broke open the box to my new French Press and cracked open the new bag of Biggby, formerly known as Beaners Coffee in East Lansing, MI.

It’s been almost 4 months since I have poured made, ordered or requested a beverage with caffeine. I’ve been dabbling in herbal teas, and reveling in bottled water, sipping on juice, or welcoming a glass of wine… but caffeine has not been in my language. Until today!

The french press is quite a simple invention, yet it really creates a sophisticated cup of coffee. And I enjoyed every bitter, rich, dark roast sip of my cup of coffee… Mmmmmmm…..


27 02 2010


Tiffany Notes ring

My new ring!

I not only had a good date last night, but I also had my yearly review. It went really well… and I even got a raise even though I had gotten a promotion less than 6 months ago.

So today was a day to celebrate! I instantly headed to Union Square. 🙂 I could have taken the bus downtown today, but the sun was shining and I was in a good mood, so I headed out on foot… I stopped at Macy’s first looking for a handbag by Dooney and Bourke that Sabrina had said was there. I’ve been WANTING a  navy leather handbag for months now! Since I didn’t find the bag of my dreams there, I headed across the square to get my jewelry cleaned at Tiffany’s…

I am not a crazy jewelry girl. In fact I only have a few select pieces of silver jewelry that I wear on a regular basis. It take a LOT for me to switch out my necklace or take off my bracelet. I’m true blue when it comes to my jewelry.

the other ring...

The ring I almost got...

So, while I waited for my necklace and bracelet to be cleaned I tried on a few silver rings… just for fun. 🙂 The sales lade informed me that after today they were marking up all of their price 10-15%. Yikes! I had a simple, Tiffany Notes ring on my finger that felt good… and I had a more fancy diamond, white gold Ghery ring on another finger than felt just as good… although almost 200 times more expensive.

I love both rings, and while I did get a raise, I opted for the more economical piece… the piece I can were every day and enjoy and be happy with.

Day 57 – Date 4

26 02 2010

Date 4 was tonight…

I met Holden (gotta love the name!) tonight at a bar in Russian Hill. The bar was packed when I arrived just after 7pm and he suggested moving on down the road to a quieter locale. Upon initial meeting, I thought he was cute! Tall, light hair, beautiful blue eyes… and he was nervous! Sometimes I find that endearing… sometimes…

We went to a smaller bar and ordered a few glasses of wine. The conversation was decent – we are actually in somewhat of the same field. He is a web designer working for a fitness company in the area. We talked for a few hours… and drank wine. I have to say I had a lot of fun! He made me smile and laugh and he was VERY nice to look at… Those eyes!

At the end of the night, he walked me to the corner and said: “so I don’t know what to do next. This is my first time doing it like this…” OY! Yet another first time online dater… I told him I would be catching a cab home but I had a good time with him tonight. He leaned down and kissed me… and out of the corner of my eye I could see he was smiling. 🙂 It’s kind of cute to see a guy happy to be with you!

We shall see what happens next!

Day 56 – It’s the small things to be thankful for

25 02 2010
Kitchen Fire

Neighbors kitchen fire - this is the microwave and the cabinet in the back ground. You can see the silver handle on the cabinet door we were all admiring...

After one of the longest weeks, I headed home via the store to pick up some wine and cheese and crackers and texted Sara, my neighbor in my building.

Me: What a day!
Sara: OMG! Ending in the building being on fire?!?!


My mind went everywhere you think it would go… My parents actually had a house fire about 6 years ago that ended with their brand new remodeled home back down to the studs. So, I have some reference as to what can happen in a fire. Instantly I wondered… Is it my unit on fire? Is my unit now flooded due to the sprinkler system? Is my cat OK? I don’t  have homeowners insurance… now what! Could I pay for the damages? Note to self… get insurance. Which, oddly enough, I just kicked off a homeowners insurance marketing campaign today. Coincidence?

As soon as I approached the building I could see the fire trucks were still there and residents were just being allowed back in. There was a burnt mess of materials on the curb which turned out to be a microwave and kitchen cabinet. The security guard confirmed there was a kitchen fire in 518 (a unit in another wing from me – can we say: PHEW!), water damage in 518 and 418 thanks to the sprinklers, and smoke damage to 518, 618 and neighboring units. OMG.

Apparently, the girl in 518 was cooking stirfry on her gas stove with the fan on the microwave above working… Somehow the oil splattered onto the backsplash and up behind the microwave and it caught the microwave on fire. The sprinklers went off and the fire department had to rip out no only the microwave, but also the cabinet next to it.

Sadly enough, our cabinets are from Studio Becker and, while waiting to go back up the elevator, I heard someone talking about the fact that the cabinet handle still looked good… Studio Becker cabinets are EX-PEN-SIVE. And we are all in need of an extra cabinet for above the refrigerator – a $1,600 expense that many of us are trying to not have to spend. I can think of a lot of other ways I’d rather spend $1,600. The most difficult part of installing a similar cabinet by another vendor, though, is the handle… No one else has anything even close to it. Is it sad that many of us wondered if we could get that handle? Wow. Mob mentality? Scavengers? Is that what we all come down to?

I know my job is stressful and takes over my day, but I’m so very very very thankful that my home is safe. You forget that even though you own a unit in a new building you are still affected by your neighbors. As I sit here in my little condo in the city, glass of wine in hand and cat curled at my feet, I’m so grateful for what I have and for being safe and out of danger tonight. I’m praying for my neighbors that they might have a speedy recovery to this accident.